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Alegri: Winning WS today is different than it was 30 years ago

soccer tips Juventus coach Massimiliano Alighiri thinks money has changed the meaning of the Champions League and now the tournament analyzed by catalog with best soccer tips has become a `healthy madness.`According to him, winning this race today is much more different than winning it 30 years ago.The Bianconers have doubled to the final in the last three seasons, but they have both been on the losing side, having lost 7 and only 2 winning finals in their history.has always been and will continue to be, even for Juventus, and I say the same to the players, because in order to achieve great things, they must be calm and unencumbered, and there is a healthy madness in which you have to leave everythingaside and think that you are invincible. And today there are one or two phenomenal players as it was`The difference is, however, that much more money is being spent today, and more and more teams have good players in their clubs.` Winning the Champions League today is much different than it was 30 years ago, `Alegri said in an interview withGQ magazine.

Then the mentor shared when he was about to put an end to his career.

`After five or six years, I`m going to stop, I`ll work while I`m still enjoying learning the players.When it stops being interesting, I will stop working and I will solve the problem.I love to watch a player grow up, I like to give a young player a chance to make a debut, watch him develop and become a great footballer.I love to teach and see how players grow up during the season.That brings me a great joy.The moment I stop feeling this magic, it will no longer make sense to be a coach, `said the specialist.` However, he admitted that there was one thing that would make him continue to work,long. `` I have an idea to stop after five or six years, but there is one thing that can change my mind and that is the national team.This is a totally different thing, and each trainer dreams of leading Skuatra adzura.There are football players born between 1992 and 2000 who are very good and will be the backbone of the national team in the near future, `concluded Allegri.

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