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Guardiola`s team went well through Arsenal

soccer tips Manchester City achieved a ninth consecutive win in the Premier League after winning a 3: 1 home win against Arsenal. In this way, the citizens equaled a club adviced by soccer livescores record from the distant 1947. Pep Guardiola`s team made only one mistake since the beginning of the season and has only two lost points. He is the leader in the eight-point lead in front of the second Man United who is visiting Chelsea.

Kevin De Bourget opened the score in the 19th minute, and Sergio Aguero scored the penalty in the second half. Arsenal narrowed after Alexander Lacasette, who entered as a reserve, scored in the 65th minute. Another reserve, Gabriel Jesus, made a 3: 1 lead in the 74th minute, and the ambush remained suspicious. The two teams started their fight at a very high pace with attacks on both doors. The more dangerous were the expectations expected before Peter Cech. Already in the second minute, a quick attack went through Stirling and De Bourne and came to Aguero, who from an excellent position fired aside from the door. The guests tried to answer and also organized some good attacks.

In the 12th minute, Stirling missed the score after failing to reach the ball in front of the empty door. The situation has evolved after Sane`s breakthrough and a shotgun shot parallel to the goal. City`s pressure increased, and in the 19th minute the hosts led. Seconds ago, De Counting tested Cech reflexes. In the second attempt the Belgian sent the ball in the corner and did not leave the chances to the goalkeeper.

After the victory, the superiority of the citizens increased, but the team began to play a little more cautiously. Arsenal`s attacks are over, and after half an hour of play City has missed another position after a combination between Stirling and David Silva, which did not end with a blow. A little later, the English national failed a good attack after trying to get the uncovered Sane, but the submission was too inaccurate.

Aguero missed the scoring in the 38th minute when his close shot was rescued by Cech. Only at the very end of the half-way Londoners managed to reach the opponent`s door. Then Alexis Sanchez managed to master the ball and find Ramsey, who made a small hit, but Enderon did a good job. At the beginning of the second part, Arsene Wenger`s hopes and players were down significantly. Rahim Stirling escaped into the penalty area and was pushed by Nacho Monreal and the referee awarded a penalty. Sergio Aguero was right from the white point and gave a comfortable advance to the hosts.

After the second goal, Arsenal began to play more offensive because it had nothing to lose. In the 56th minute, Ederson`s mistake was a bit to get a shot. The Citizens` Goalkeeper missed the ball after an attack by Iubi, but managed to get it, and Ramsey, in an attempt to reach the ball, foolishly pushed the Brazilian, sending the player behind the goal.

Arsene Wenger put Lakazet into play and the team went even further and the Frenchman immediately demonstrated his qualities. He received the ball from Ramsey and with a strong strike between Ederson`s feet reduced to 2: 1. The gunmen, however, took another step back and allowed the rival to take the initiative again.

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