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Iguaine fell into Juve`s group for Napoli, but Manjukich was out

soccer tips Argentinian striker Gonzalo Iguain fell into Juventus for the important game adviced by contacts best advisor with Napoli on San Paolo on Friday night. Iguaine`s participation in the 15th round of Serie A was questionable because of the operation of the hand he suffered a few days ago for a broken finger. However, the Iguayin condition obviously allows him to be included in the extended squad for the match against his former team.

The old lady`s group dropped off the new addition Benedict Hovedes and Croatian striker Mario Manjukic. The German defender has a trauma on his right thigh, while Manjukic has suffered a left calf injury.

The good news for the bikonker mentor, Massimiliano Alligi, is linked to Federico Bernardeski, Juan Quadrado and Giorgio Chiellini, who return to the squad after injuries.

Juventus` squad for Napoli:Buffon, De Shilio, Kielini, Benatija, Pianic, Kedera, Quadrado, Marquisio, Igguin, Diballa, Douglas Kosta, Alex Sandro, Matthewi, Bardzali, Pinsalio, Asamoa, , Sturoro, Bentankour, Bernardeski.

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